Nomad things

No45x modular bookcase

This is a piece of furniture that can be built and rebuilt, and changed as you need. Independent modules are joined together with metal fasteners designed to make multiple configurations possible.

The simplicity of the structure makes it quick to change. The shelving can be rebuilt to the width and height that matches your current needs. You can mount coloured wall elements as you prefer. Mounted at the back create deep shelves, in the middle of the module, storage divided in two halves. You can always buy additional modules and re-configure your shelving.


It’s not that we’re real nomads but we live in different places and each of them we try to make our home. Things can make that possible.

Over buying and gathering we prefer using. Things should solve problems, organize space, make work or leisure better. That’s why we always start with defining a problem and strive to make them simple, functional and beautiful. One you could take with you.

Our things let themselves be used.